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Archive for December 2016

Protecting Your Future: Home Automation Helps for New Moms

Bringing home baby is a very happy and special time, but it also a serious time. Life just got real. Suddenly you are the caretaker for a little human! A fully dependent, amazing, crying, little human! Now our minds are suddenly filled with worries and concerns we never knew we had, and then you mix…

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5 Smart Ways to Use Automation in the Workplace

It is hard to believe, but it was not that long ago that home automation was just a dream and something you would see conceptually in “the home of tomorrow”. Now you can’t go long or far without hearing about or having your life somehow impacted by home automation. It is so much a part…

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Better Parenting with Home Security: FOMO

If you are a parent, you know FOMO. The Fear of Missing Out is a real problem for every parent because if it were possible, we’d love to soak up every waking moment with our children. Well, almost every waking moment. As much time as we spend with our children, it is still so difficult…

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