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In a time when you can buy home security cameras off the shelf of your local big box store, why would you want to go the route of a professional home security provider? In a word, connections. A professional home security integrator has the ability to connect their home security cameras to your new or existing security system and all of its components. Those components can include your intrusion detection (i.e. motion-triggered alarm), smart locks on the doors, video doorbell and more.

When the cameras are connected to an intelligent security system, you’ll get:

Event Notifications

Connected cameras provide an event notification feature that alerts the homeowner when there’s a potential home security event: for example, someone at the door, or some other motion that triggered the camera to start recording. When you receive a notification on your smartphone, you can stay on top of home security from anywhere, anytime: when you’re at work, running errands, working out, or even on vacation.

Programmable Intelligence

Of course, not everything recorded by the cameras will be a legitimate home security event. Because they are triggered by motion, they could start recording your daily household activity: kids coming in from play time, or you and your spouse returning home from work.

But that’s why a connected camera’s intelligence features are so valuable. Using a smartphone app that helps you control the entire home security system, you can choose the specific video events that should trigger a notification.

To stop notifications from coming in every time your spouse or kids move into the view of the camera, you can customize what motion-triggered alerts you want to receive from every you have installed. The results can even be filtered according to time of day and other factors, making it easier to know when that video alert you’re getting is a true home security emergency.

Household Management

Then again, some homeowners do want to be notified of the family’s arrivals – like when the kids come home from school, for instance. With connected cameras, homeowners can use the smartphone app to enable a once-a-day video alert for that event. Features like this are what make connected cameras viable home management tools, in addition to their security advantages.

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