Ways Home Automation can save your life

Home automation is exciting and cool. You may have thought that it is little more than a toy, a set of tech tricks designed to save you a small amount of time and amaze your guests. Right? Actually, there’s a lot more to a home automation than that. A connected home or smart home can play a big role in protecting the health and safety of the home’s residents. In this post, we’ll go over three big ways that home automation can save lives or prevent injuries.

Controlling small appliances

Everyone has had the experience of wondering if they left a small appliance on at home. It’s very concerning when it happens, because you often have to waste time, go back home, and make sure everything is turned off. But it is necessary, because if you fail to turn it off you risk a fire. A smart home can get around this whole process by automatically turning off appliances that can cause fires when there is nobody in the house. It can tell who is in the home and has the power to turn anything connected to the hub on or off.

Access control

Next, think about doors. They work the same way– you have to lock them when you leave. An automated home can arrange to have your doors lock by themselves if nobody is home. It can even go one step further. If there is a real emergency, you definitely want to be able to let the first responders in. But if the doors are locked, that wastes precious time. An automated home is able to recognise such an emergency and unlock the doors so that you can get out and emergency workers can get in. This is especially suitable for fires where free access into and out of the house are essential to your safety.

Contacting the fire department and police

Similarly, an automated house can take things even further by automatically reaching out to emergency personnel if something happens. For example, temperature sensors, security systems, and motion sensors all let the central hub know that everything is as it should be. If anything is out of place, the house can call the police or the fire department to alert them even before the house’s human inhabitants know that anything is wrong. In situations like that, every second counts, so having the edge by notifying the authorities as soon as possible can make a big difference. Home automation is not just a gimmick. It is a serious attempt to change the way we live, and its impact extends far beyond small energy bill savings or adjusting the lights as you walk around the house. In the future, expect automated homes to have even more capability to keep their residents safe.

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Larry Korff

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Larry Korff
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