Back To School Security Necessities =to Keep Your Family Safe This Fall

Do you want to know the best back to school purchase you can make this year? It provides much more value and return on investment then a new laptop or jeans for the kids. The answer is smart home security. It saves you hours of wasted time and streamlines household activities.

Unique User Codes Help You Get Rid of Spare Keys

A smart home security system that includes smart locks and a video doorbell helps you manage how the family comes and goes. Each person gets a unique user code to enter and exit the house so you can stop worrying about lost keys and people locked out.

So, what if someone forgets their access code? Just tell them to ring the video doorbell and you can unlock the door remotely. You never have to worry about the wrong person finding a spare key and accessing your house.

Use Smart Security Reminders to Secure Your Home

When your schedule changes from the lazy days of summer, you may find yourself in a rush to get the kids to school and yourself to work in the morning. It’s easy to forget to lock a door or arm the alarm. Maybe you forgot to shut the garage door as you backed out and didn’t realize it.

Your intelligent security system will send you an alert for any security issues you want to monitor. Once you sit at your desk and get the alert for the open garage door, there’s no need to jump up and dash for your car. The alert provides a button that you can press to secure the house no matter where you are.

It’s Easy to Upgrade Your Smart Home Security System

Your security integrator can create a system tailored to your family’s needs. They add new features and upgrades over the cloud, so you always have the latest security technology. You can also add new security products as the needs of your family change. A flexible security system keeps your home and family secure without being obtrusive.

Rethink what you’re spending your money on this fall when the kids go back to school. Buy a smart home security system to make household tasks fun and security easy.

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