Best Steps in Preventing Commercial Fires

If you have ever wondered if a commercial fire and smoke alarm system was worth having installed, the stark statistics surrounding workplace fires is enough to cause anyone pause for thought. Facts show that a commercial smoke detection system can be the most significant factor in preventing loss of life and property.

Each year in the United States an average 80,000 workplaces experience a serious fire resulting in an average of 200 lives lost and over $2 billion in property damage. Studies show that 85% of these fires are caused by human error and behavior. This means the majority of all workplace loss and damage caused by fire could be avoided with the proper knowledge, training, and equipment.

Common Causes of Workplace Fires

Most fires can be avoided by correcting the common problems leading to ignition. Perform regular inspections and train employees to avoid these common problems:

  • Smoking in non-designated areas or failure to extinguish cigarettes
  • Electrical issues including faulty or outdated wiring, electrical overburden, and poorly maintained equipment
  • Housekeeping issues with accumulation of garbage in volatile areas, papers accumulated around electrical cords and outlets, and improperly stored products
  • Misuse and improper storage of chemicals
  • Improper or careless use of tools and equipment that emits heat or sparks

Why Commercial Fire Alarm Systems Matter

Even in the most diligent of workplaces, you cannot control every factor that contributes to accidental fire, nor can owners personally monitor the business around the clock to ensure that there are no threats of fire. Monitored fire alarm systems are the only tool that can detect a problem and immediately transmit that information to a constantly attended location for immediate notification of emergency responders. This results in faster response times, owner notification, possible reduction in insurance premiums, and a reduction in the likelihood of significant loss.

Fire alarm systems save lives and property. If you have questions about the codes regarding commercial fire alarms or want to implement a monitored fire alarm system in the workplace, give us a call today.

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