If you are a parent, you know FOMO. The Fear of Missing Out is a real problem for every parent because if it were possible, we’d love to soak up every waking moment with our children. Well, almost every waking moment. As much time as we spend with our children, it is still so difficult to know that we miss some of those small moments that make up daily life.
We have streamlined and simplified everything else in life, surely there must be a better way to manage or eliminate FOMO we think to ourselves. And we are right. There really is a tool to help you stay connected and banish FOMO once for all—your home security system.
Your home security system can do much more than just provide protection. It can help you be a part of life’s routine so that you do not have to miss out. Here’s how.

Tap in to Life

You can tell a lot about how your kid’s day went just from one glimpse of their face when they walk through the door. Unfortunately, we can’t always be there to see that for ourselves. By tapping into your security camera through your app, you can see you children at the door and know immediately if they need a quick call or if they need some time to talk when you get home.

Separation Anxiety? Not You.

It is hard not knowing if the kids are okay. We totally get it. But there is no need to wonder or worry when you can take a peek via your app and cell phone any time you like.

No More Chaos

We were kids once, too, and we know all the tricks of the trade. And that is exactly why we worry so much about the kids getting into trouble while we are away. There is a way to keep things in check though. When the kids know that you can, and will check in periodically it keeps the potential for problems down.

Stay in the Ring

Ever get the feeling that there was much more to the kids’ day than they are letting on? Strategic parenting just took on new power because now you know.

Stay Productive

Worrying about the kids can ruin your productivity at work and make getting work done take even longer. One quick look at the camera feed can help you put your mind at ease and allow you to focus on the task at hand.

JM Resources helps you manage life on your terms. If you want to know more about home security systems and how the right system can help you get rid of FOMO forever, call today.

Larry Korff
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