stop package thft with home cameras systems

Is there any worse inconvenience than being victimized by a package thief – and on your own property? After all, not many people can afford to replace the gifts or other purchases that were stolen. Luckily, there are ways that your security system can help put a stop to package theft – specifically, if your system includes smart home upgrades. Here’s how it accomplishes that.

Video Alert Awareness

When you have smart security cameras connected to the rest of your system, and one of them is installed at the front door, you’ll receive a video alert when someone is on your porch. So whether it’s the delivery driver dropping the gifts you ordered – or, someone with far more sinister intentions like a package thief – you’ll get a video alert on your smartphone so you can see who’s there in real time.   

Technology Integration

If a video doorbell is installed, you’ll even be able to talk to the person on the porch. If it’s the delivery person, you can thank him and even ask him to leave the package inside (more on that in a minute). And if he’s a package thief? Well, then you’ll be able to tell him to get lost – and, that you’re calling the police.

Sharable Video Clips

And when you call the police, you’ll be able to send them that video clip. That way, they’ll know what he looks like whether or not you choose to file a report. You can even send the video clip to neighbors or post it on social media, to keep others in the loop on the criminal mischief happening in the area. 

Saving Your Package

As stated, the combination of smart cameras and smart locks can give you the ability to ask the delivery person to leave the package inside. How so? Speaking to him through the video doorbell, you can ask him to place it inside; and using your phone, you’ll be able to unlock the smart lock so he can quickly open and close the door. Once he closes it, you lock it back up. Your package is saved!

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These are some of the ways smart home upgrades to a security system can put a stop to package theft. For more help with home security, Philadelphia homeowners can call JM Resources. We would love to answer your questions.

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