Everyone “knows a guy who knows a guy” with some tall tales in his background. For instance, maybe you know the guy who claims he was never burglarized because he mounted fake security cameras around his house. These counterfeit cameras, he argues, have protected his family for years – and he never had to spend a dime on real security cameras or a monitoring service. He may believe this is the reason he’s stayed burglary-free, but does he have a way to prove it? The truth is, experienced burglars can spot a fake camera right away.

Plus, there are these facts:

Counterfeit cameras can’t show you important activity around the home. 

In fact, they can’t show you any activity, anywhere. A real home security camera is one that is motion-triggered; when it detects motion in its purview, it records a clip of the activity taking place. Meanwhile, it will send you a smartphone alert so you can view the clip on your phone right away. From there, you can take whatever action you would like. A counterfeit camera can’t do any of this.

Counterfeit cameras can’t help you catch anyone.

Let’s say there’s a person at your door, and they’re up to no good. In fact, they’re a burglar intent on entering the home. If you have a real home security camera, it will spring into action and send you a video clip of him peering through the windows and opening the door. Meanwhile, your motion sensors will detect him entering the home and activate the alarm.

Counterfeit cameras aren’t connected.

Let’s stay in this burglary scenario. The alarm activation means the central station will respond immediately, and help will be on its way. Without that real camera that’s connected to your security system, none of these things can happen – and the burglar is likely to get away.

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Clearly, counterfeit cameras are inferior and ineffective. A set of operable cameras that are connected to the home security system is the only way to go. For information on obtaining cameras and other equipment for home security, Philadelphia homeowners can contact JM Resources. We will be glad to offer you a free home security consultation.

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