When it comes to home security, the garage door is one of the elements considered least by most residents who think a garage door opening system or simple lock is enough to keep out intruders. This oversight can cause them to fall prey to thieves. In many cases in fact, the garage is the weakest point of entry.

A significant number of burglars gain entry to a home through an attached garage with an entrance to into the house. Even a detached garage or one without an entrance into the home is vulnerable to a break-in because the garage usually holds big-ticket items like your car, tools, or other equipment that is quickly and easily sold.

Here are some basic tips to increase your garage security:

Maintain Your Garage Door

Make sure your garage door is free of damage and operates properly. One that is weak, cracked or otherwise damaged can pose a threat to your security.

Upgrade Your Automatic Door System

Older automatic door systems have codes that are easily imitated and were often duplicated. Update your system to a modern unit that uses a “rolling code” technology.

Use a Plastic Zip Tie to Secure an Emergency Release Latch

Thieves use a hanger to open automatic garage doors by hooking the emergency release latch and can gain entrance in under 6 seconds. To prevent this, secure the latch with a plastic zip tie. (A swift pull on the emergency tug release will break the tie, if needed.)

Reinforce Side Door Locks

Use a metal lock reinforcement to increase side door security.

Obscure and Secure Windows

Thieves hate uncertainty so cover any garage windows to keep your belongings undercover and protected. Make sure windows have locks.

Install Motion detector Lighting

Being seen is a big problem for thieves, so installing a bright light with motion sensors can be a huge deterrent.

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An alarm system is always a top deterrent. Systems can cover the garage door, the home entry, and garage windows. If you are interested in learning more about improving your home security, call JM Resources today!

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