Ensure the Safety of Your Kids After School With Smart Home Security

Take the worry out of keeping your kids safe when they get home from school this fall. One of the best things you can buy for your house is a smart home security system. The right security system will give you peace of mind in knowing that both your home and kids are safe and secure.

Stop Hiding Spare Keys And Worrying About Kids Losing Their Key

Part of securing your home is doing away with spare keys that you’ve hidden outside. After all, burglars can figure out which rock is the fake one or know to check under a doormat or flower pot for the key.  Let’s face it; kids are continually losing their key or leaving it in places where the wrong opportunist may find it. Make sure that when you purchase a home security system that it includes a video doorbell and smart locks.

The video doorbell and smart locks allow you to unlock the door with your smartphone from wherever you are should one of the kids lose their key. So, you can rest assured that they got home safely. 

Assign Personal Security Codes

Personal security codes are a significant part of an intelligent home security system and keeping your family safe. As soon as the kids use this code to enter your home, you program the system to send you a notification on your smartphone. Some systems can be set to disarm automatically, so the alarm doesn’t go off when your kids open the door.

You can monitor when your kids get home from school, so you know if they come home late. Also, you never have to worry about a criminal or stranger entering your home. While access codes are one way to protect your home and family, installing video cameras provides an extra layer of security.

Keep A Watchful Eye On Your Home and Family

Cameras allow you to check on the kids when you’re not home, and you can even keep an eye on your pets! While video cameras help you catch the bad guy, they also provide visual monitoring of your children until you get home. With a live video feed on your smartphone you can see if the kids let anyone in the house who was not scheduled to visit.

Invest in a smart security system this fall and enjoy knowing your home and family are safe even when you can’t be there. Making your home secure is easy, and a smart  home security system is a good place to spend your hard-earned money. You can relax with your kids safely home, and your house well secured.

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