Any busy parent can benefit from smart home technology. A connected home is not only easier to manage but provides parents with complete control at their fingertips. It’s there to keep tabs on the home’s safety while also providing peace of mind and making the most menial tasks a cinch. JM Resources can provide families with cutting edge automation and security technology that brings a home to the modern age. The systems are easy to use, reliable, and life changing.

Complete Safety Coverage

Families should feel safe and secure at home. JM Resources makes this possible by providing a complete security system that fits a family’s needs. Professional monitoring allows parents to see all areas of the home from one spot. However, protection goes far beyond visual monitoring. Additional safety features ensure that kids and parents are safe from fire, CO, crashes, and much more. A constant cellular connection and proactive safeguards will keep the home covered. JM Resources takes it a step further by also providing complete childproofing. Instead of standard locks and gates, parents can opt for advanced door and drawer sensors that send real-time alerts. Additional gear like motion-activated lights make the home a safer place for kids to grow.

Remote Home Access

Parents don’t have to be home to be in control. With the entire home connected, parents can access various automation and security components on the go. Doors and locks can be controlled to let a guest in or ensure that the entire home is secured. Doorbells and cameras provide parents with direct communication and visuals of their home at all times. If someone forgets to lock a door, there’s no need to worry thanks to real-time alerts.

Automate the Small Stuff

Homes have so many small aspects to control on a regular basis. This includes the thermostat, lights, garage doors, and so much more. JM Resources provides families with the ability to automate all of these aspects with the push of a button. Scenes can be created to control multiple devices at one time. The system can even perform tasks on its own. Geo-Services sends messages to the home so that certain setting can take effect before the family even arrives. It monitors location through a smartphone and prepares preset settings to create a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Easy-to-Use Technology

Parents can take control of the home in a number of ways. The easiest is with a smartphone app. Every automated device in the home is accessible via one app. Devices can be grouped or separated for ultimate control. If the phone’s not within reach, parents can also use Amazon Echo for voice commands. There’s also the Apple Watch or family tablet. Instead of complicated control centers, the entire home can be controlled in a familiar and easy-to-use platform. JM Resources is your local home security and automation company, leading the way in advanced home automation technologies. Contact us today for a free consultation and schedule installation.

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