When you think of Halloween, your first thought is probably candy; but our first thought should be home automation. Actually, home automation is right up there with king size Snickers.

Halloween is mostly all fun and games, but sometimes there are those that want to do more than have fun. It is the one night of the year where there are an abnormally large number of people out and about so nobody ever seems out of place. That makes it a prime time for pranks to get out of control, or for criminals to scope out your property unnoticed. Even while you are busy taking the kids out, or distracted answering the door, home automation can play an important role in keeping your family and your home safe.

Discourage Halloween Tricks

While the intent of some pranks can be innocent, the can quickly go awry. Toilet papering, egging, mailbox bashing and other pranks can get dangerous as well as cause costly damage to property. If you want to discourage pranks, home automation can help. Doorbell and other outside surveillance cameras can keep pranksters in check, and be a help if anything more serious happens.

Light It Up

Use Home automation to keep your property well-lit. This will help prevent accidental injury as well as deter crime. Use motion sensor outdoor lighting to alert you to visitors or to deter anyone from going where you may not want them to venture, or help them see any unexpected obstructions.

Discourage Theft

Though most people are just out to have fun, it is always possible for thieves to use the opportunity to scope out your home or property. Use home automation to simulate your presence  and opt to hand out candy from your lit porch or driveway rather than keeping your door open and making the interior of your home visible to would be thieves.

Check in while You are Out Having Fun

You do not have to miss out on the Halloween fun just to keep an eye on your home. Use your home automation to simulate your presence and to check in on your home video surveillance feeds via your smart phone or tablet. If you suspect any problems, you can take action such as turning on additional lighting.

Home automation can make sure that the only thing creepy about your night is the little goblins that come to your door. At JM Resources, we have the tools and technology to equip you to protect your home and family against threats. Call today for more information.

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Larry Korff

Larry is the Vice President and Co-Founder of JM Resources, Inc. - a top rated security company and award winning Honeywell & Control4 dealer. JM is headquartered in King of Prussia and serves greater Philiadelphia and Eastern PA.
Larry Korff
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