What guy doesn’t love the idea of a man cave? It is a space totally dedicated to meeting needs and providing creature comforts. A man cave is an escape from the craziness of the world and a place to let the stress of the day fall away. And that is exactly why guys should opt in to home automation—it has the power to make the whole home, rather than just a corner of the garage, a high-tech haven of awesomeness.

Don’t believe us? Here are just a few of the many ways home automation can transform your home and make it the ultimate man cave.

All You Need to do is Kick off Your Shoes

Forget all the extra effort it takes finding the perpetually lost television, cable, gaming and stereo remotes. You can also forget getting up 15 times to adjust temperature, lighting, and sound. Forget too having to get up to answer the door only to find out it was someone selling magazine subscriptions. Why? Because now you can control all of it right from your smart phone or tablet.

More Exciting Game Nights

Another way home automation can transform your home into a total man cave is by making game nights even more exciting. With home automation, you have the power to eliminate disruptions like people at the door by answering (or not) through the video doorbell. Channel, lighting, and sound are all sheer perfection because you can adjust it all with a few taps on your screen.

Even Work at Home Time is Better

If you are the kind of guy that can’t relax without at least bringing a little bit of work home, home automation can help set the stage for ultimate productivity by eliminating distractions and keeping the climate most conducive to working. Better productivity means you have even more time for catching a game or grilling some burgers.

Home Automation Makes Family Time Better

Sure, the idea of a man cave is to have time away from it all, but the ultimate man cave is one that not only enhances relaxation but one that enhances as many facets of your life as possible. Home automation allows you to manage and monitor your entire house so that you have more uninterrupted time with family.  

JM resources provide clients with solutions that enhance safety, comfort, and convenience and allow them to manage their home and lives on their terms. For more information about residential home safety and security or home automation technologies, call JM resources today.

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Larry Korff

Larry is the Vice President and Co-Founder of JM Resources, Inc. - a top rated security company and award winning Honeywell & Control4 dealer. JM is headquartered in King of Prussia and serves greater Philiadelphia and Eastern PA.
Larry Korff
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