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What Are Home Buyers Seeking? Home Automation

Before making a decision to put in an offer a home, shoppers consider hundreds of factors. Some of those factors homeowners can’t change– such as location, size of lot, and school districts. Other features, such as countertop materials and open floorplans can be modified to fit the market. But there is still something buyers want that seems a bit intrinsic– a personalized and home that separates them from the rest of the world. So what are home buyers really seeking? Home Automation.

Home Buyers See Long-term Savings in Smart Homes

Real estate industry surveys and statistics show that buyers are willing to pay more for connected homes and smart amenities. The reason may surprise you however. Rather than just being moved by technology allure, today’s buyers are all see smart home technologies as a tool, rather than merely a nice amenity.

Pro Tip: People over the age of 60 own more smart home technology than the millennials. At 15 and 10 percent respectively.

The Reasons Buyers Want Automation Differs

Buyers today are recession survivors and have become increasingly budget conscious. Rather than a luxury, they see home automation in terms of overall savings. There also some differences in why they see it as a value. Gen Xers emphasize the need for increased security and enhanced safety features, while Gen Y stresses the importance of energy conservation and convenience.

Quick Stats Why Buyers Want Home Automation

Here are a few statistics that demonstrate how, and why, home automation is a so attractive to those looking to buy their first or next home.

  • Safety is the highest overall factor motivating factor to purchase smart home technologies.
  • Just over 68% want home automation technologies to increase energy efficiency.
  • Millennials appreciate smart technology for the ways it improves each day’s productivity.
  • Generation Xers want increased oversight of the home.
  • Having a more comfortable environment is a desire that spans all ages.
  • Baby Boomers use smart home technology to add value to their homes.
  • The “Sandwich” generation wants home automation to help care for aging parents and young children.
  • Forty-five percent of homeowners save money with home automation– an average of $1, 100 per year.
  • People over the age of 60 own more smart home technology than the millennials. At 15 and 10 percent respectively.

Must Have Smart Home Features

If you want to invest in an ecosystem of home security and home automation to prepare to sell your home, here are the top features that draw the most attention and deliver immediate and long-term gains.

  • Smart security systems
  • Smart thermostats
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart locks
  • Smart garage doors
  • Enabled appliances

About JM Resources

Smart technology is a smart investment delivering immediate and long-term reward, and at JM Resources, that’s something we can believe in. Our slogan, “Your Resource for the Future” reflects our commitment to bringing new technologies to homes and businesses. JM Resources has been ranked as one of the nation’s top 100 installation companies by Security Distributing & Marketing (SDM) Magazine, and ranked in the top 100 companies by Custom Electronic Professional (CEPRO).

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