For parents and kids alike, it is one of the most anticipated times of the year. Back to school brings so much excitement for everyone that it is easy to forget about making sure safety stays a top priority. Do not let home or personal security take a back seat during this busy season, and review our back to school safety checklist.

Have a Home Security and Home Automation System Installed

If you have not already, consider having a home security and home automation system installed. Both of these can be valuable tools in keeping your family safe and managing any home alone time the kids may have. Use video surveillance to check in, or access control features to ensure their safe arrival for example.

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, poisonous gas that poses a real threat in every home. We suggest having at least one in the home, basement and garage.

If You Have a Security System, Run Tests

Back to school is a great time to run system checks and change batteries on smoke alarms and other safety devices. Going through this process will ensure that everything is in working order should an emergency arise.

Perform Home Maintenance

Take a look around the home in relation to your home security. Trim back bushes, shrubs, and trees away from windows where they provide cover for criminals as well as anywhere they obscure security cameras.

Conduct a Risk Assessment

Walk through your child’s school day and assess any risks. If they walk alone, check out the route and look for areas that could pose a threat. Train children to avoid dangers such as parked cars, open fields, and vacant lots. Teach them to have the cell phones ready and accessible, but not to be on them playing games while walking.

Set Up Additional Safety

Make sure there are places to go and safe adults to connect with throughout your child’s normal routine. This way they never have to think twice should they encounter trouble.
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