Home Security Tips for National Safety

While it is usually not on our radar until after an unfortunate event, improving safety in the workplace and the home is one of the most urgent issues facing us today. Accidental injury is one of the main causes of ER visits each year, and one of the leading causes of death.

While accidents are unintentional, they are also predictable and preventable. The vast majority of accidents causing injury or death happen when established safety protocols are not followed, or where no safety standards were in place. This means that by improving our safety standards and practices, we can significantly reduce the incidence of injury and death.

Here are some simple, but critical, ways you can improve safety in the workplace and home:

Workplace Safety Tips
• Provide comprehensive and ongoing training
• Implement strict industry standards
• Make safety practices a priority, and insist practices are upheld
• Perform spot safety checks
• Keep rules posted
• Maintain all equipment
• Ask employees how they would improve safety
• Provide safety equipment

Home Safety Tips
• Keep harmful chemicals in locked cupboards
• Install smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detectors
• Have a fire escape plan, and practice it regularly
• Keep appliances and electronics in working condition
• Never overload electrical outlets
• Fence and gate pools, and use alarms
• Restrict access to dangerous areas, such as shops or garages
• Evaluate safety needs according to the age of your residents
• Reevaluate safety concerns seasonally
• Install safety features such as stair railings and rubber bath mats

It might not be possible to foresee every accident, but it is possible to remove as many of the hazards as possible, and uphold strict standards that reduce the incidence of injury or death. Your safety matters to us, and we are here to answer your questions.

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