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Smart home security should stand guard over everyone in the family, and that includes your beloved pets. If you have heard that pets can’t coexist with your home security system, don’t believe the hype. Here are some ways they can work hand-in-hand – and, even some ways your pets can benefit from the partnership.  

Keyless Entry for Dog Walking  

Your dog may be your best friend, but you don’t always have time to give him his daily walk. Maybe you’ve recently decided to take advantage of a dog walking service, whether it’s hiring someone you know or using a dog walking app. No matter which it is, you need a safe, convenient way to let the walker in the house. That’s where the keyless entry on your smart home security system comes in handy.

When you get a smartphone alert that your dog walker is at the door, swipe on it to view live video of him or her at the door. Then, tap another button to let the walker in the house. When they walk out with your pet on the leash, lock the door again; you’ll get a second alert when they return, and can easily open the door again from the phone. When the walker leaves for the day, lock up using the same method. This is a great way to put your system to work for the benefit of your four-legged friend.

Pet Escape Detection

While there may not be an actual pet escape detection feature on your system, there are motion triggers for your cameras – and in some instances, homeowners have benefited from knowing when their pets were escaping. If you receive an alert and the video reveals that your pet is leaving the property, you can get home to round him up or call someone you trust to help out.

Integrating Pets and Security

Most likely, your dog is loyal and protective. If a break-in took place, he would most likely go into some kind of attack mode (even if it’s just loud barking). While that’s one measure of defense for the home, it isn’t very fair to put the responsibility of protecting the entire household on your pet. Fortunately, you can let your pet work alongside your smart home security system to give your home a complex defense solution.

For questions about how to pair up pets and your home security, Philadelphia area homeowners can learn more by calling JM Resources. We will be glad to provide you a free home security consultation.

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