How to Cope After a Burglary

After a burglary, people do what they know to do, like call the police and the insurance company, and clean up the mess. But then what? There is a lot more to a burglary than the practicalities.

Burglaries are a huge violation and effect people in ways that most do not understand, unless it has happened to them personally. Sure, you can clean the mess and replace a TV but there is a lot more to recovery than replacing lost items.

Burglars Steal More than Property

Most people do not understand how emotional a burglary is, or know how to respond. They might understand your mom’s wedding ring was stolen, but miss that it is gone. Friends might say that it could be worse, but miss how bad you feel. It is hard to explain the awful weirdness that comes with trying to live in a house knowing that someone was in it; not knowing what they touched or didn’t. Even if others understand that someone violated your space, they may not understand that sleeping in that space is now very difficult, or that you really just want to stay awake to protect your family. People might even think that if you were not home at the time of its occurrence that it is not a big deal. Trust me. It is a big deal. Burglars take money, electronics, and peace of mind.

Wild, Weird Emotions

“It was just a burglary” and no one was physically hurt. You feel thankful, yet you feel angry, and even afraid that there might be a next time and it could end differently. The emotional aspect of a burglary comes as a surprise to many people, but it shouldn’t. There is always incredible emotional fallout that ranges from the resulting financial stresses to stresses in one’s personal life. And it is all very real.

Burglary victims may experience many of these feelings:

  • Fear
  • Depression
  • Guilt
  • Anger
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Reliving the event
  • Constantly feeling vulnerable
  • Loss of control
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of concentration

What Next?

If you are the victim of a burglary, realize you are not alone and your feelings are all normal responses to a very scary situation. One of the best ways to get things back on track is to take control and do what you can. Here are some great ways to be proactive:

  • Talk to someone that can offer support like a pastor, friend, or counselor
  • Exercising regularly and eat healthily
  • Take time to be with others
  • Include recreation and relaxation in your week
  • Take time to be thankful
  • Increase your security such as installing security cameras and alarms and joining a neighborhood watch
  • Take a class in self-defense
  • Become a victim advocate
  • Join a support group

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Burglaries are serious crimes and have a real and lasting impact on victims. If you are a victim, gain strength in knowing you are not alone and that there are things you can do to improve your safety and gain control. Installing a home burglar alarm system can help prevent break-ins, deter thieves and even help police apprehend suspects afterwards. Contact JM Resources to learn more.

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