If you are like most people, your holiday to-do list can get almost unmanageable. With parties to attend, guests to host, shopping, cooking, and more to do it can add up to a lot of holiday stress.

Wouldn’t it be nice to ease the load so you have time to enjoy a cup of egg nog with the family and just sit back and enjoy the season? Home automation can do just that. Home automation is a tool that not only simplifies your life, it simplifies a multitude of tasks to that you can spend that time on what really matters—time with family, friends and loved ones.

Here are some ways you can use smart home technologies to make your holidays even brighter.

Take the Stress off Forgetting

With so much on our mind during the holiday season it is easy to forget simple things like turning off an appliance or locking the doors. But forgetting those things can lead to holiday mishaps, or even holiday tragedies. Home automation can work just as hard as you do during the season, allowing you to lock doors and turn off appliances from afar.

No More Double Guessing

You know that moment. It suddenly occurs to you that you may or may not have closed the garage door, or may not have turned off the iron. But now you are over a half an hour away and in line buying gifts for the family member that will be at the house the next day. Do you leave and come back or take your chances? With home automation, you have a third option. Just take out your smart phone (who are we kidding? It IS already out, right?) and check to see if all is well. If it is, relax. If not, you can take care of your business while still taking care of holiday business.

Keep Packages Safe

It’s no secret that package theft is on the rise. The holiday season is a prime time for theft as many people receive packages on their doorstep while they are not home, making the packages vulnerable to be stolen. Home automation users can use the doorbell camera to get alerts if there is someone at the door, and then speak to the delivery person directly. Even better, you can open a garage door remotely and ask the delivery person to slip the package in the garage and the close the door remotely so all is safe.

Foil the Children’s Efforts to Peek

If you have expert package peekers you need high tech solutions. Motion sensors, video and real time alerts to the rescue. Problem solved. Peppermint latte, anyone?

Enhance Holiday Ambiance

Whether you want to implement the most amazing holiday playlist or want to make the lighting or temperature just right for guests, you can have it all ready at the touch of a button.

So, hang the holly and break out the egg nog—you have the time and peace of mind that all is well this wonderful season. If you have any questions about home automation, be sure to give JM resources a call. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Larry Korff
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