Security Systems for your Vacation Home

These days, it seems everyone declares their favorite season to be fall. Maybe it’s the cooler air, brightly colored leaves, or the anticipation of the holidays. One thing we know it isn’t: the reality of leaving your summer retreat for another year. We’re talking about your vacation home, that sanctuary for the summer. If you own it, then you’re tasked with making sure it stays secure in the off-season. After all, there are no doubt criminals who live in the area year-round and prey upon empty vacation properties while the owners are away. How can you protect yours? With smart tech security.

Wait – isn’t that only for elite homeowners? Not at all. Smart tech security equipment isn’t for the family who has everything. It’s for families who want to keep the assets they worked hard for, including their first vacation home. Here’s what it includes:  

Multiple Security Devices in a Single System

Home security cameras have come a long, long way. Today’s smart tech home security includes cameras that connect to the alarm, forming a complete system with the motion sensors, glass break detectors and other devices that detect intrusion in the home. They all work together to alert the central station if an intrusion occurs, and naturally the central station alerts you right away.

The Convenience of Professional System Monitoring

Once the central station alerts you, they’ll dispatch law enforcement to the site of your vacation home. This is where the real convenience comes in, because there’s no need for you to go to the site unless you want to. If you live hundreds of miles away from your vacation home, this can be a major relief – saving you serious time and money.

Protection from Environmental Hazards

Not all threats to a vacation home are caused by human trespassers; others are environmental. Carbon monoxide, flooding, freezing and fire are some of the most common environmental threats to address in a vacation home. After all, carbon monoxide is deadly and the other three threats are expensive to deal with after the fact.

Protecting your vacation home investment is critical, but smart tech can be your partner in protecting it. To learn more, contact JM Resources.

Larry Korff
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