That heart-shaped holiday we celebrate in February isn’t just for the folks we love the most; it can also be for the things we need and value, like our homes. One of the best ways to love your home more right now is to make the shift to home control security. Here are some reasons that home control just might be the big hug your home needs right now.

It puts extra eyes on the home.

Sure, your home security system can already do that if you have cameras installed. But with home control, you’ll get a video alert to your smartphone every time activity is captured on the cameras. That means a video alert when someone is at the door, so you can see who’s coming by and what their intentions might be. It also means a video alert when your loved ones are coming home from school or work, so you can rest assured that everyone is where they need to be. Home control helps you watch over your home and family; it helps you show them more love, too.

It memorizes your patterns.

“Video alerts are great, but I don’t need them if I’m going to be home all day.” If this is what you’re thinking, then consider this: Home control allows you to program your system to memorize your household patterns. By doing this, you can receive alerts only when the activity captured on your cameras is out of the ordinary. There is a lot of customization available, and your home control smartphone app is the tool you use to make it happen. We can show you how to use it. 

It alerts you to the presence of hazards.

And not just security hazards, but environmental risks as well. We’re talking about potentially life-threatening threats like fire or carbon monoxide, or things that can quickly become catastrophes in your home like flooding or freezing pipes. When these things become present, home control can make you aware of them thanks to intelligent sensors built into the system. When one of these hazards is detected, you’ll get an alert so you can intervene immediately.

With all this capability, your home can get the extra love it deserves.

To learn more about this addition to home security, Philadelphia homeowners can contact JM Resources. We would love to provide you a free home control consultation.

Larry Korff
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