March is Poison Prevention Month, and that means it’s time to talk about carbon monoxide, otherwise known as CO – a dangerous poison that is odorless and colorless, keeping families in completely in the dark about its presence until it’s too late. Carbon monoxide poisoning starts as flu-like symptoms, but it can quickly become deadly if those it affects continue breathing in its fumes.

Who is at Risk of CO Poisoning?

Who is at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning? Everyone. It’s produced when there is defective ventilation in common household appliances and infrastructure, including refrigerators, clothes dryers, ovens, furnaces and more.

Who can prevent carbon monoxide poisoning because of an alert that it’s present in the home? PA homeowners with a smart home security system. Here’s how it works.

Getting Ahead of Carbon Monoxide 

A smart home security system with carbon monoxide detection enabled can help families prevent CO poisoning in the home. The system will automatically act in the event of an environmental hazard – for example, shutting off the HVAC to prevent the deadly gas from spreading throughout the house.

Additionally, users receive a mobile notification that there is carbon monoxide in the home. When this happens, we recommend sending everyone outside, ventilating the home and unplugging appliances before anyone experiences any symptoms, then quickly exiting the home yourself. If anyone is experiencing symptoms, call 911 – and in both cases, everyone should remain outside until the first responders say it’s safe to re-enter.

This is how a smart home security system can get ahead of carbon monoxide before it has the chance to poison anyone in the home. To learn about an alarm system for your family’s safety from carbon monoxide, contact us today. We will be glad to speak with you.

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