Preparing for the ATT&T 2G Sunset

JM Resources Wants to Help Wireless Alarm Customers Get Ready for AT&T’s 2G Sunset

There has been a lot of talk since 2012 of AT&T closing down their 2G network in a process called 2G Sunset. In this process AT&T will close down the 2G towers in a series of waves concluding January 1, 2017 with its complete phase out.

If you are like most people, you probably dismissed the information thinking that 2017 is a long way off. But there are some important reasons why you should take notice now to ensure that you do not have any interruption in your alarm service.

Why is AT&T Phasing Out the 2G Network?

Although it is a real hassle for many people, AT&T made the decision to close down the network because ultimately it will allow them to provide better, faster service to consumers.

The 2G technology was introduced in 1992, well before smartphones and other handheld devices that have since been developed, and had no way to anticipate the incredible surge in usage. Now the 2G system simply does not have enough room to accommodate it all. While shutting down the network is inconvenient to anyone using 2G devices and technologies (including much of the wireless security industry,) closing down the 2G network will allow AT&T to use that space for the 3G and 4G networks, which will increase data capacity.

How Does This Affect My Alarm System?

Your wireless alarm system uses the same communication technologies as cell phone, and many alarm systems were created using technologies only compatible with the 2G system. Where this is the case, those systems will not be able to transmit signals or communicate with the alarm system when the 2G network is completely shut down on January 1, 2017.

How Can You Avoid Disrupted Service?

The best way you can avoid disrupted service is by making sure your system is 3G and 4G compatible now, rather than waiting until the January 1, 2017 cutoff date. You can do that by calling us. We can determine if your alarm system uses the 2G technologies or the compatible 3G or 4G.  If you have a system using 2G, don’t worry; making your systems compatible with 3G and 4G networks is a simple process.

We want our customers to know that we are aggressively and proactively working to make sure that 2G Sunset is  little more than minor annoyance to our customers. Please contact us to find out more about 2G Sunset and what you need to do to be ready for AT&T’s dismantling of the 2G network.


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