Your security system motion detectors are the key to making sure that any intruders who successfully enter are stopped in their tracks by the sounding alarm. Although there are some given places for these motion detectors, such as your entryways, hallways stairways, and any vulnerable windows, there are also places where motion sensors should not be. It is a good idea to have motion detection in as many areas of the home as possible, but homeowners must take caution to place the sensors in areas that will not trigger a false alarm.

So, just a friendly reminder: Don’t place your motion detectors near any vents, as those can cause a false alarm when the air pushing through the vents blows onto the sensor. If you put a motion detector near an air vent and the alarm is triggered, don’t blame your system; it is not malfunctioning. The flow of air is moving, after all – so when the alarm goes off, the sensor is just doing what you want it to do. Avoid unnecessary false alarms by keeping your sensors away from air vents.

The best position for motion detectors is wall mounted about five to seven feet high. That ensures that they are at a height that will pick up the presence of any intruders, as the average intruder is between five and six feet tall. Corners are a good place to put motion detectors because of the sensors “sweep” in a 90-degree motion (the same shape as a corner).  As for which rooms need motion detection, remember that every home is different. To learn about the best places for motion detectors in the home, ask our knowledgeable security specialists when they come to your home for a free consultation.

Larry Korff
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