After installing a home security system, you are provided with window decals and a yard sign by JM Resources. In theory, those signs are meant to deter potential burglars, letting them know that you have a security system installed. However, some homeowners may be concerned about advertising those signs; so let’s consider the pros and cons.

Pro: It Announces Your Homes’s Protection

A home security sign and decal lets potential burglars see there is a home security alarm in place. Because you place the decals at entry points, burglars may think twice about entering.

Pro: You Can Use them Without a Home Security System

There are homeowners that will place security signage and decals even though they do not have a security system. Of course, they are risking the fact a burglar may also assume they do not have a real system in place.

Pro: Signage Deters Crime Throughout the Neighborhood

If you and your neighbors all display alarm monitoring signs on your windows and yards, it may actually deter crime in the entire neighborhood. A potential burglar will see your sign and move on to the next house, only to find they too have an alarm system.

Con: It Tells the Burglar the Type of Security System You Have

By displaying the company name, the burglar may get a better understanding of the type of home security system and monitoring service you are using. They may be able to research ways to disarm that system or may be familiar with them from past burglaries. However, most burglars are not so skilled and even with the signage up, they are unlikely to find out what model you have, let alone how to disarm it.

While using signage broadcasts that you do have an alarm system, the quality of alarm you use matters too. JM Resources can help you find the perfect residential burglar security system and we can even enhance it for additional layers of protection. From adding security cameras to full automation, we can help you deter potential burglars from entering your home and keep them away from your neighborhood.

In reality, there are no cons except the ones that want to break in to your home. So contact JM Resources today for a free home security consultation. We can help you understand the pros and cons (hint: there are no cons) of installing a new home security system to protect your family and property.

Larry Korff
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