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Hard rain, lightning, snow storms, low temperatures, power outages…everything we dread about winter is upon us. You may be accustomed to these weather conditions – but unfortunately, being used to something doesn’t make it any less perilous. Extreme weather can do extreme harm, and homeowners need to do what they can to keep their families safe from the risks.

Protecting Loved Ones from Harmful Weather

One thing that can help is smart home security systems. Philadelphia homeowners have access to real-time weather alerts with these systems, and they can rest assured that the data is accurate because it’s transmitted from the National Weather Service, to our central station, and then straight to the security panels in our customers’ homes. That way, our security system owners can get everyone they love indoors, or to other safety, as quickly as possible.

Protecting the Home from Environmental Damage

Personal security is a powerful benefit of smart home security systems, but they can protect homes from environmental damage as well. With flood sensors and temperature threshold alerts, homes can be safeguarded from the costly flood damage that occurs when frozen pipes burst. When a low temperature alert occurs, homeowners can take steps to stop the pipes from freezing; additionally, the flood sensors will alert the homeowner if there is rising water on the floor that needs to be addressed.

To learn more about smart home technology that solves weather and environmental problems for homeowners, contact JM Resources today. We look forward to providing you a complimentary home security consultation.

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