Bringing home baby is a very happy and special time, but it also a serious time. Life just got real. Suddenly you are the caretaker for a little human! A fully dependent, amazing, crying, little human! Now our minds are suddenly filled with worries and concerns we never knew we had, and then you mix in sleep deprivation and adjusting everything else in your life— the whole thing can be overwhelming.
No matter how tired or swamped you become, you can gain the support and help you need by using the tools of home automation. Here are some great tips to get you started.

Don’t Let the Doorbell Rule Your Life

It happens every time. Your hands are full changing a diaper and the doorbell rings. You rush around taking care of baby and run to the door only to find out that it was someone selling magazines. Or you finally get baby to sleep and lay down to recharge yourself when the doorbell rings setting in motion another marathon cry. Don’t let the doorbell rule your life. Use a smart doorbell and then decide if you want it to sound or not, and determine who is at the door before you rush to answer.

Use Codes, Not Keys

As a new parent, your home will see a lot of visitors. Instead of trying to sync your schedule to a million different arrivals and departures, or passing out a dozen or more keys, provide a unique guest code so friends and family can get in even if you are running a little late.

Keep the Temperature Just Right

Since babies can’t regulate their temperature it is important that the temperature of the room is just right. Too warm or too hot and they become uncomfortable and can’t sleep. The best way to do that is by using a temperature sensor where they sleep so that you can regulate the temperature precisely.

Check the Cam

Don’t worry. We have all done it. Even when we know the baby is asleep and safe, we just need to check one more time, then one more time after that……… If you use your smartphone to tap into the cam you can check in all you want without risking waking the baby.

With over 30 years of experience, JM Resources provides the tools you need to manage life on your terms. For more information about home automation technologies, give JM Resources a call.

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