Savvy Criminals Can Now Use 3D Printers to Make Bump Keys

Bump keys are lock picking tools that, when inserted into a lock and tapped just right can bump the pins like a pool cue and open the lock. In the hands of a skilled user, they are much like a skeleton key making some locks so common that it is almost like not having a lock at all.

Now, with access to cheap 3D printers, would be criminals can duplicate a working key in minutes without ever seeing an original key and without the help of a hardware store. Simply by taking a picture of the key hole and using some converting software anyone can either print the key themselves or mail order a printing through several companies which have no restrictions on printing keys.

One of the most effective ways to deter a thief from gaining entrance to your property using a bump key is by installing a security system that employs several layers of protection, such as motion sensors and CCTV. Security systems make a home or commercial property significantly less attractive to thieves—even thieves using the latest in technologies to commit crime.

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Larry Korff
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