If you are someone that sort of doubts home automation could add much to their life, we understand. We’ve all seen fads come in with such high zest only to fall flat soon after. But that is not smart home technology. Home automation has proven to be an indispensable tool for better resource conservation, increased savings, and enhanced security and productivity.

What is Home Automation?

Home automation or smart home technologies is a solution which connects systems such as lighting, heating and cooling, entertainment, and security so that they can communicate with one another. Once connected, the system can react based on cues, can be programmed, and be controlled remotely through a smart home app.

It’s Not Just a Fad

Smart technologies are not a trend, they are part of our daily lives and that is only becoming increasingly true. In 2016, the home automation market reached $9.7 billion, and the United States generated most of that revenue. That is already a staggering sum, but the market is not expected to slow. In fact, the revenue is expected to grow to $20.9 billion by 2020. Additionally, Gartner Research predicts that in 2020 we are likely to see 25 billion internet-enabled devices in home automation as product manufacturers continue to offer more connected options in smart refrigerators, smart ovens, connected dishwashers, smart lighting, smart doorbells,

The Market is Exploding for Good Reason

Home automation offers incredible benefits and unlimited potential. Perhaps the biggest contributor to the widespread usage and industry growth is that home automation meets us exactly where we’re at.

It is Responsive

Home automation is not just about being able to turn on your lights remotely. It is about having a home system that responds to your needs and habits on its own as well as having the ability to control those systems anytime, from anywhere.

Even Better Security

Having a security system is important, but one of the most common security system failures is human error. When a burglary occurs at a home that has a security system, the number one reason for failure is the failure to arm the system. Home automation makes sure the system is always armed. It can also close the smart garage, lock smart locks, and send you alerts if anything is amiss.

Enhanced Entertainment

Home automation brings home theater, gaming, lighting and audio systems together for one spectacular experience.

Connected Appliances

Increasingly, product manufacturers are seeing the huge demand for wider options in smart appliances and an expectation that all products have some sort of connectedness. A desire to simplify processes makes such things as smart ovens, smart washers and dryers, and dishwashers highly popular.

Home automation is all about adding benefits to your life. JM Resources not only helps you protect what matters, we help you manage life on your terms.

Larry Korff
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