As you investigate security system options for your growing business, one of the questions that is likely to surface is whether or not your system should be monitored. On the surface, unmonitored systems are convenient and cost effective, something that is attractive to any business owner. But there are other considerations and the nominal cost of monitoring can end up saving you a bundle, and could even be the element that saves your business.

Unmonitored vs Monitored

First, let’s address the difference between monitored and un monitored systems. An unmonitored system is one that does not send a signal to a monitoring station. If the alarm is tripped, the alarm will sound but it is up to someone hearing the alarm to call the police. However, is the alarm is tripped for a monitored system, a signal goes to the monitoring station who contacts the owner and or authorities and help is immediately dispatched.

Benefits of Monitored Alarm Systems

  1. It can save your business. Whether it is fire or burglary both can result in devastating financial loss. Statistically, business have a very difficult time recovering from business loss and many of them fail within the first three years after a significant event such as fire.
  2. A monitored system cuts down emergency response time. Getting help soon means a safer environment. It can also mean less loss.
  3. A monitored system means everything is safer. Business have many things that need protection, from inventory to customer or client records. Monitored systems make all of these things more secure.
  4. A monitored system does not depend on neighbors hearing the alarm and calling authorities.  Relying on others to call the authorities is not a real failsafe at all. Many burglaries happen at night when other businesses are empty and unoccupied. Some businesses are too far away for others to hear an alarm, or in a busy area where it is difficult to detect which business is in danger. The surrounding businesses may be too busy or have an environment so loud that they do not notice a neighboring alarm.
  5. Monitored alarm systems are affordable. The cost of monitoring is very nominal and the advantages far outweigh the small price of the service.

JM Resources uses a local UL approved central station monitoring company. If your business needs a new commercial monitoring system or you’d like to transfer your existing monitoring system, JM Resources has the solutions you need. Call us today to speak with our trained specialists.


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Larry Korff
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