It is hard to miss that pretty much everything in our lives is smartening up. We have smart thermostats, smart locks, smart security, and now doorbells are getting an IQ boost. If you haven’t already, it is time to put them to the test. We think you’ll be very impressed after reading some of the top benefits smart doorbells.

Traditional vs Smart Video Doorbells

Most people have never thought of the dangers that come with a traditional doorbell, because until recently there wasn’t an alternative. They do come with some serious weaknesses, however. For example, since the front door is one of the most used doors in the home, there is plenty of opportunity to forget to lock it. To know who is at the door, you must get close to the door and to possible danger. Sometimes, to address the need you must open the door to people with whom you are unfamiliar. All of these things place you in danger, and all can be solved using a smart doorbell.

Smart doorbells incorporate wi-fi, an HD camera, and two-way audio for a super boost. The features are all accessible from a smartphone, and when connected to other smart home devices and features, enhance safety and convenience. Here’s how.

Top Perks of HD Video Doorbells

The front door is one of the most vulnerable points of any home, so finding better ways of keeping it secure is a priority. HD video doorbells hit the mark with some remarkable advantages.

  • Once motion sensors are activated, the system can send you an immediate alert. This means you can see who is coming before they get close.
  • If you are not home, you can view video to monitor any activity.
  • When the motion sensors are tripped, the video doorbell can record the event, and even take and store snapshots.
  • Clear HD video lets you identify the visitor without even having to open or get close the door.
  • Infrared equipped doorbells allow you to have a clear view of the person at the door even in the dark.
  • If you do not want to open the door to a stranger, you can address them through the two-way audio feature.
  • Potential thieves never know whether you are home or not since you can answer the door remotely.

Installing an HD video doorbell as part of your smart home security system increases your home’s safety and provides you with more control. JM Resources helps you facilitate 100% control of your home, security, and peace of mind.

Larry Korff
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