For busy homeowners, it’s hard to know what’s going on at home when you aren’t there – that is, it’s hard if you don’t yet own smart video cameras as part of your security system. If you do have smart cameras as part of your home security system, all you need to do is take out your phone, open your home security app, and get an instant view of the activity inside or outside your home. And, if there’s a security event going on – say, someone waiting at the door – you can receive a smartphone notification that it’s happening.

Here’s what else smart video cameras can give your home security system:

Real Time Views 

Whatever you want to see, you can see it on demand. Look in on the kids while you’re still at work, watch for wildlife in the yard at night, or check to see if that package you’re waiting for has arrived. The built-in motion detectors record all the activity in the scope of the cameras, and you can review these recorded clips anytime you like. And, don’t forget: remember you can receive a smartphone notification for any type of security events as well. 

Contextual Ability

Even if you have smartphone alerts enabled, you don’t want information overload. Want to stop alerts from happening every time the kids run through the house on the weekends? Just take advantage of the customization features on the security system. These allow you to opt out of video alerts if your security system is disarmed. It allows you to live life as normal when you’re home during the day, and then put the system on alert when security becomes a greater concern at night or when you’re out. This contextual ability sets smart video cameras apart from other home security video.

Lots of Variability

Smart home security cameras are not limited to one catchall solution. The cameras come in a variety of models, with options at several price points for different household budgets. Reasonably, this can make choosing the right one for you intimidating – and that’s where an knowledgeable home security company can be especially helpful.

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