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25 Ways to Keep Kids Safe on the Internet

The internet holds a wealth of opportunity and knowledge and it has become an indispensable tool for students today. It is also a very dangerous place, filled with serious risks and used as a tool by online predators, cyber bullies, and internet scammers. How can parents reduce the risks while maximizing the benefits? Here are…

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Summer Relaxation and Home Security

When a stranger is in the neighborhood, we are likely just to assume it is an innocent visitor, not someone with ill intentions. All of these things put our safety in jeopardy. To keep your summer carefree, remember these summer safety precautions.

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15 Ways PA Residents Can Keep Safe this Summer

According to the Bureau of Journal Statistics, the number of burglaries rises during the summer months. Not only do thieves count on you going on vacation, they also count on you letting your guard down and providing more opportunities for them to strike. If you want to foil the thieves, keep these tips in mind

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