You’ve heard it said that too much “screen time” is a bad thing for some people – mostly for kids. But if you’re a responsible adult, you can use your smartphone as a powerful tool to make your life both simpler and safer. We call this system home control, because it can be accessed easily with your smartphone to give you total home control – not just over your security, but other aspects of the household as well. Here are some examples.

Keep an Eye on Packages

If you have a doorbell camera, you know that it’s one of the greatest home security advancements in years. And if you have home control connected to your system, the protection is advanced even further. Say a delivery person rings your doorbell while you aren’t home. The motion-triggered recording is something you can see from your smartphone, allowing you to verify that the package is being delivered – and if another person attempts to retrieve the package because they know you aren’t home, you’ll be aware of that too via an instant notification with live video. All thanks to the home control on your smartphone.

Keep an Eye on the Kids

Every family has its “kids will be kids” moments, but having the ability to know when they’re about to be in trouble can help you ward off as many of those moments as possible. If your young children are about to enter a forbidden area of the home – say, the laundry room or the medicine cabinet of the bathroom – you can get an instant notification, provided that you have sensors applied at those points. And for older kids, you can do the same thing with gun cabinets, liquor cabinets or other off-limits areas of the home.

Keep an Eye on the Unexpected 

A home control system is also “smart” enough to recognize activity that could spell trouble for your family, and it will let you know with an Unexpected Activity alert. The technology recognizes your household routine and notifies you when it sees something out of the ordinary: the front door opening at an odd time of day, for example, or a window that normally stays closed has just been pushed wide open. You can even “train” your home control system to adjust to your family’s evolving schedules by tapping “useful” or “not useful” on the notification. The system will adapt according to your feedback.

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