Do wireless keypads really pose an advantage for security systems? And if yes, then why? For those who are still attached to a traditional home security system, it’s a question that needs an answer. Here are three good reasons to make the switch to wireless.

1. Wireless systems are less hostile to your home.

A traditional home security system required its components, including the keypad, to be hardwired to the home’s infrastructure. It was an invasive installation, complete with dangerous drilling risky electrical work. Not only was this more hostile to the home than today’s wireless security approach; it was also more costly for the homeowner. With wireless keypads and wireless home security systems, the installation is less invasive and more affordable.  

2. They’re not linked to old technology.

Hardwired home security was linked to old technology: a landline phone, masses of wires, and maybe internet broadband later on. What if one of these supporting infrastructures went temporarily down? In that case, the security system was rendered ineffective until all systems were up and running again.

But with a wireless keypad and wireless home security, a cut phone line or a power outage doesn’t affect the system. It’s been uncoupled from outdated technology, and homeowners are better off for it.

3. They’re simpler to troubleshoot.

If diagnostics and repair were ever required on a hardwired security system, there could be days – even weeks – of waiting. Would that mean a lower bill for the homeowner? Typically, no. But with a wireless system, most problems can be troubleshooted remotely. Often, a repair can be done remotely as well.

If you still own a traditional home security system, these are some great reasons to go wireless from the keypad up. To learn more about this addition to home security, Philadelphia homeowners can contact JM Resources. We would be glad to answer your questions.

Larry Korff
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