Top Ways to Improve Personal Safety

Once we leave the safety and security of our home, it becomes important to think about personal safety. Like in home security, your safety does not have to be left to chance. While you cannot eliminate the possibility of crime, the more deterrents you put in place, the less likely you are to become a victim.

Crime is always unexpected so it is important to make personal safety a matter of habit, rather than circumstantial expectation. It can happen any time, and anywhere.

Here are some top ways to improve your personal safety:

Know what Criminals Want
To commit a crime criminals need things like easy access, cover, and a lack of cameras or witnesses. Know what they want, and then be sure not to provide it.

Always Realize the Potential for Trouble
Crime can happen even in places and situations you would assume to be “safe”. Boost your personal safety factor by acting as if there is always a potential for crime. Choose safe practices like parking under lights, locking your doors, and checking before getting in your vehicle.

Choose the Safest Options
Always choose the situations that make crime least optimal. Avoid dark or secluded places. Be aware of people loitering. Maintain safe distances. Stay in view of security cameras and security guards.

Look for the Potential for Crime
Rather than trying to fight off the crime once you are vulnerable, keep the advantage by looking for it before it ever begins. Before a crime happens, criminals must select a prime location and victim, and get positioned to commit the crime

Look Prepared
Carry yourself confidently and look as if you can take on a threat and win. Look behind and around you frequently. Carry something that can be used as a weapon. Never wear headphones. Look directly at anyone in your space.

Get Loud
If an assailant approaches you, preventing them from getting in your space is always preferable to fighting them off once they already close enough to grab you. Send a clear and loud message that you are aware and committed to doing whatever it takes to keep them away. Forcefully and loudly command that they back away.

Learn Self-Defense
Knowing and practicing physical self-defense can save your life. Consider taking classes aimed personal safety.

In both personal safety and home security, layers of protection make all the difference. No one measure may work alone well, but together they can save your life in the event of an attack. If you have any questions about how you can improve your home security, call JM Resource today (610)992-9300

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