The video doorbell may be the most transformative home security device in recent memory. Having a connected device at the door that is a functional doorbell, a home security camera, and a two-way communication device all in one is powerful.

Here are some of the most valuable things a video doorbell can help you accomplish.

Answering the Door Away from Home

Here’s how it’s possible: When someone rings your video doorbell, it will sound like a regular doorbell chime; however, you will also get a smartphone alert that someone is at the door. If you aren’t home, you’ll still be able to see the person via the live video stream and talk to them. The camera, speaker and microphone that enable this are all contained inside the video doorbell device.

The technology is great for keeping tabs on home from work or on vacation. And if you do happen to be at home but prefer to not answer the door, you’ll be able to speak to the visitor from whatever room you’re in at the time.

Keeping Your Packages Safe

Now that online shopping is a mainstream practice, many people have packages delivered on a regular basis. You may know the date a package is coming, but it’s hard to pinpoint a time – and many times, it’s delivered when you’re at work during the day. Rather than worry about someone stealing your package while it sits there unattended, you can receive an alert when the package arrives and talk to the delivery person through the video doorbell.

What will you say? You can ask him to open the door and place the package inside – because, conveniently, you’ll be able to unlock the door with your phone as well. As soon as he closes the door and walks away, you’ll lock the door again. These are freedoms homeowners enjoy when they connect a video doorbell to the home security system.  

Stopping Suspicious Visitors in Their Tracks

When the video doorbell is integrated with the home security system, it becomes a fully equipped security camera at your front porch. When someone approaches your doorway, the camera will capture a motion-triggered clip, send a notification to your smartphone, and store the clip in the cloud so you can view it on demand later. In order to stop a suspicious visitor in his tracks, you can catch him off guard by speaking to him through the device – hopefully, scaring him away immediately. Clips can be downloaded for sharing with others, so you can send it to law enforcement or share it with your neighbors to put them on alert.

For questions on a video doorbell that integrates with the rest of your home security, Philadelphia homeowners can call JM Resources. We would love to speak with you!

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