Why Choose Wireless Alarms

Without an alarm monitoring service, your residential or commercial alarm system has very little effectiveness. Alarm monitoring is a must, but what kind of monitoring technology should you chose? When you purchase an alarm system and sign up for 24/7 monitoring services, our company often recommends wireless alarm monitoring first – and here’s why.

A wireless connection provides a faster signal transmission between your home and the monitoring center. A few seconds is all the time it takes for our central station to receive your alarm signal; we credit that to our powerful wireless radio monitoring technology.

Wireless alarm monitoring is more reliable. That’s because in the event that an intruder cuts your phone line or your power goes out, your wireless monitoring system will not be affected. In these events, a traditional alarm connected to a hard line would go down immediately. With wireless, your connection is always safe.

Wireless alarm monitoring can save you money. In addition to the eliminated cost of maintaining a land line phone, wireless alarm monitoring can be very cost effective. When you contact us to inquire about alarm monitoring services, be sure to ask how choosing radio-based alarm monitoring may save you money.

At JM Resources, we offer more wireless monitoring options than our competitors. From GSM based cellular radio monitoring choices to our own private wireless radio system, we have you covered. Call us today to learn more about the advantages of wireless monitoring. Our experts will be delighted to talk with you and get you started on saving money and enjoying the peace of mind that wireless monitoring provides.


Larry Korff
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