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If a new home security system is on the agenda for 2019, that’s commendable. You have figured out that there’s nothing more important than the security of your home and family. Now, here are some of the qualities you should want in a home security system.

Wireless Dependability

The most up-to-date home security system is a smart home system, which can do all kinds of things: turn on your lights, lock your doors, and adjust your thermostat for comfort and energy efficiency. It’s incredibly convenient – and yet, the function of protecting your family from intrusion, fire and other threats is more important.

If a break-in or fire happens, you want a system that can notify the central station and get help to your home as quickly as possible. The most efficient way to make that happen is with wireless technology. Some examples of wireless equipment to invest in include:

·         Control center keypads with multiple wireless zones

·         WiFi internet communication modules

·         Wireless motion detectors

·         Wireless contacts

·         Alarm key-fobs

·         Keyless entry locks

If someone attempts a break-in, these devices will wirelessly alert the alarm monitoring center. From there, the trained security operators should be ready to dispatch help to your home.

Aggressive Fire Protection

The same is true in the case of a fire emergency: Wireless security technology is best. Examples of home security equipment that addresses fire emergencies head-on include wireless, intelligent:

·         Smoke detectors: These signal the monitoring center if smoke is detected.

·         Alarm monitoring: The signal will be received immediately, and operators will promptly alert your fire department.

·         Thermostats: A smart thermostat will shut off the air conditioning or heating system so that the lethal fire fumes cease circulation.


High technology doesn’t have to be hard-to-learn technology. The best home security systems are user-friendly, with technology that anyone in the household can easily learn to control. What makes it even simpler is the smartphone app that can control everything: the alarm, cameras, lights, locks and thermostat. Arm and disarm the system, view your security footage, turn the lights on when you’re out at night, or open the front door as you pull in.

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