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Emergency Response Dispatch Service

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Emergency Response Dispatch Service

When you can’t be there, we can!

You can’t always be home. It’s one of the reasons you have a security system that monitors your home. But what happens if our monitoring station notifies you of an alarm event that you are not able to check in on?

Burglaries, fire, water and gas leaks never happen at convenient times. Do you have a plan if your alarm goes off and you’re at work, on vacation or too far from home? What if your alternate contacts are gone also?


This isn’t fiction, it happens all the time.

“I was recently out of town on Memorial Day weekend with my family. I received a call from JM Resources that one of my window sensors had triggered my alarm. I was over three hours from home with my wife. My children were also out of town and unable to check for me. Without Emergency Response Service, I had no one to look in on my home and make sure everything was okay.”

-Larry K.

Our Emergency Response Service means someone you trust is always available to check on your home 24/7.


How it works:

If there is ever an alarm event and you cannot get to your home, JM Resources acts as your personal representative.


Set Up:

  • We have an initial meeting. We use this meeting to review the alarm and set up the process.
  • A lockbox is installed. We install a secure lockbox at your home so that we can access your home and make necessary assessments in the event you are unable to be on site after an alarm event.


During an Alarm Occurrence:

  • We contact you. In the event our central monitoring station is notified of an alarm event we contact you first as our normal operating procedure.
  • You make the decision. If you are away from your home and/or unable to check on your house, you have the option to send out our representative to assess and correct the situation.
  • We evaluate. Once on your property, our representative will look over the property to determine the alarm event and if there is any damage that needs to be immediately remedied. We will then provide you with an update on the situation.
  • We carry out your instructions. We will carry out your personal instructions. Broken window or door? We’ll get it boarded up or replaced. Water damage from a broken pipe? We’ll have it cleaned up and get the pipe fixed. We will have our Restoration company take care of your home. .

Don’t let your emergency turn into a crisis. Emergency Response Services from JM Resources gives you peace of mind no matter where you are.

Contact us online today to sign up for Emergency Response Services or call us at 610-992-9300.

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